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  4. MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch
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MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch


「MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch」のお奨め商品情報です♪

MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch

「MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch」の概要

商品名 MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch
メーカー MacKenzie
税別価格 9500円
税込価格 10260円
商品説明 MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch Most of us have at least one Valuables Pouch in the pocket of our MacKenzie Walker. Handcrafted from buttery soft full-grain leather each holds 12 golf balls or keeps your watch keys ball markers and more safe during your round. Size: 17cm x 16.5cm The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company has been crafting MacKenzie Walker Golf Bags for many years. Our staff has refined the designs over the decades to create the best golf bags and accessories using the finest leathers. All of our products are individually handcrafted in Portland Oregon. 商品番号:MAK0005 商品名:MacKenzie Drawstring Valuables Pouch
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