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  4. 2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)
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2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)


「2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)」のお奨め商品情報です♪

2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)

「2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)」の概要

商品名 2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)
メーカー 2XU
税別価格 14995円
税込価格 16195円
商品説明 Ladies Golf L/S Compression Top (#WA2219a) The golf specific paneling in 2XU’s Elite Golf Compression Top sets the new benchmark in golf performance garments. The contrasting PWX fabric panels are designed to “switch on” the golf muscles and heighten awareness to encourage a ‘taller’ more neutral spinal alignment which is the foundation for improving dynamic power and improved technique. Through greater core control stronger ground force is gained for more power balance and a ballistic swing. Enhanced dynamics in the transition from backswing to downswing is gained to maximize impact smash factor. Correct spinal alignment reduces the shearing forces in the joints and ligaments experienced from dynamic rotation to better reduce golf hotspot injuries. The Elite Golf Compression Top also provides support to the key muscle regions to reduce muscle tearing damage and vibration to minimize fatigue and soreness that can impede overall performance. Engineered by 2XU’s exclusive PWX fabrics the Elite Golf Compression Top offers moisture management with high performance moisture wicking and superior breathability. The power mesh panels through the back of the garment further heightens air flow to enhance comfort over long periods of wear. The PWX fabrics also boast the highest sun protection factor of UPF50+ to protect from harmful UV rays. The Elite Golf Compression Top has been engineered using sports science and biomechanic principles. Physically targeted to key areas the top works to enhance proprioceptive feels promote greater postural awareness for improved dynamic posture reduce injury and improve movement sequencing and timing. About 2XU Founded and based in Melbourne Australia; their philosophy is to create products which will advance human performance. 2XU employs fabric and construction technology to take you beyond what you previously thought possible. 2XU is fast becoming the most technical performance sports brand on the planet. Worn by multiple world champions endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines 2XU understands what is needed to be the best. Developed by athletes for athletes. 商品番号:2XU0020 商品名:2XU Ladies Golf L/S Compression Tops (#WA2219a)
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